Not in too much of a hurry , yet. The wild turkeys are coming back out of hiding ….the deer…not so much. It’s been an exceptionally MILD winter SO FAR !
The birds, & an occasional squirrel give me something to watch out the window. What I really like is looking out & seeing Cousin Shelley’s Morgan horses ‘



    My last post, we had frost warnings … Today it is at least 80!  I am going thru my bushels of photographs….

    Here is my little toy poodle … He came with me in my big truck when I was an OTR trucker….


  Summer is short up here … There were FROST WARNINGS last nite!

My deer don’t come around much in the summer….


Cute chipmunk ….


I am so proud of my son and grandsons … Their metal fabricating company in Green Bay, WI has a new product … A baby pickup truck they are using in off-road racing!



    There are so many summer activities in our short summer … Next post ….

Recently, a local photographer became known nationwide with a video about some highly unusual clouds …. He is Jason Asselin of Iron Mountain , MI … Search for him …and on you tube!

The Spruce Tunnel

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s sinkholes – when we were “looking down.”   Today,  “lookup.”

 This photo was taken a few days ago at the time of the New Zealand earthquake with its accompanying sinkhole that I referred to yesterday.  (Thank you to someone for this photo, it was not  attributed in the article I got it from.)


“And when you see these things begin to happen, look up!   For your Redemption draws near….”  

It is Tuesday, it’s the day I usually do my Tribute to Tuesday (11-06-12) and  —  I’ll get to the promised meatballs in a little while  —  but first,  I wanted to show you these clouds.   They are named asperatus  and they are rare and apparently somewhat new to scientists.

The caption-article said that scientists have been studying these only since 2005 – that’s really recent!     “New to scientists.”

I mean,  I came back from my travels…

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Beautiful Fortune Pond on New Bristol Road by Crystal Falls, Michigan …used to be an open pit mine! This mine produced 1,316,905 tons of iron ore from 1953 to 1958. This 210 pit is 1930 feet by 750 feet. No motor boats allowed …it is for fishing and scuba diving …it is so clear!

  Here are some old photos of Crystal Falls … first, the old bridge across the Paint River at the bottom of Superior Avenue, the main street. The famous courthouse is at the top of the hill.



Next is Superior avenue before paving … Must have been MANY thirsty miners in town!


The school … No longer around … I think it was next to the courthouse .


   Right now … The main topic is the HOT weather! I’ve been hiding in the house , mostly … Last week, the 4th of July … I did go to a lot of events … Tho, I skipped a lot, too!

   I always like drive a few miles over to Alpha for the 4th … They have a good, old-fashioned bunch of activities. There was a great parade … Games for all ages, music, food & drinks, FREE ice cream & cracker jacks!

   On the weekend, Crystal Falls had the Bass Festival … Over several days, including another parade.


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