Recently, a local photographer became known nationwide with a video about some highly unusual clouds …. He is Jason Asselin of Iron Mountain , MI … Search for him …and on you tube!

The Spruce Tunnel

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s sinkholes – when we were “looking down.”   Today,  “lookup.”

 This photo was taken a few days ago at the time of the New Zealand earthquake with its accompanying sinkhole that I referred to yesterday.  (Thank you to someone for this photo, it was not  attributed in the article I got it from.)


“And when you see these things begin to happen, look up!   For your Redemption draws near….”  

It is Tuesday, it’s the day I usually do my Tribute to Tuesday (11-06-12) and  —  I’ll get to the promised meatballs in a little while  —  but first,  I wanted to show you these clouds.   They are named asperatus  and they are rare and apparently somewhat new to scientists.

The caption-article said that scientists have been studying these only since 2005 – that’s really recent!     “New to scientists.”

I mean,  I came back from my travels…

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