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My cousin, Kris Robertson, on her way out west….

The Spruce Tunnel

No Internet last night…or at least not one with a strong enough signal to reach The Spruce Tunnel.   Sometimes that happens.     I spent today without Internet too – and not much cell phone connection,  no radio,  no restaurants,  no Interstates…   In short,  I spent nearly the whole  day on two lane roads —  and  less than two lanes:


Really.   The road I was on just . . . ended.

There wasn’t much of anything in any direction.


I had started out on a two-lane paved road,  but there were construction cones all over and absolutely no signs.  No signs telling me where I wanted to go,  no signs telling me the name of the road I was on, just the memory of a cheery young lady behind a gas station counter assuring me that what I wanted to find was “that way” – which I had just about figured…

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