Saturday would have been Mom’s birthday … I did call my brothers & sisters … It doesn’t still seem possible that I cannot call my Mom every day!
    I did e-mail the announcer on “FINLAND CALLING” to request he play “something by Victor Klimenko”.  Mom & I had gone up to Covington, to the church, for a concert. Victor is from Finland. We enjoyed it … we even bought some of his CD’s.  I included a photo of Me, Mom, & Grama Millimaki (in Arlington Heights, IL).

     Saturday & Sunday … I mostly watched TV … in honor of 9/11 there were so many programs. But, also, on both days, I was painting on the house. The south side & the east side had a lot of peeling paint.  I scraped that off … & went over that with primer (& over, & over the worst) … then, the final coat.  I was worried about falling off the ladder … but, all went well.

L o iS