Last week, my cousin from Lower Michigan, came by to pick me up for an overniter to Green Bay. She was up in the Marquette area, invited to a class reunion by her late husband’s class. The object of going to Green Bay was to visit a shrine east of town.
    First, we stopped in to see my son, Alan at his new location. To my surprise, it was his birthday … I was determined not to forget it, which I had. He was leaving for out-of-town for 3 days after work … this was God’s way to have me tell him “Happy Birthday” on time! 
     I should have taken pictures of the wonderful “Chinese buffet” … the “Panda” … where we ate. Great food for a low price!

   Then, on to find the shrine … Easy to find … after Champion on County K east. It is at the site, in 1859 where the young girl began seeing the vision.  At that point in time, many farmers were settling the wilderness … churches were few & far between. She determined that she was being told to provide education for the area.

The Crypt … under the Church … at the location of the 2 trees where the first sighting occured.