Many calamities …   three deaths in the family … and many other of my “Calamity Jane Murphy” happenings.

Life goes  on here … it’s slowly sinking in that Mom is gone … I always said that “Mom will go straight to heaven because she’s an angel on earth”.

Favorite photo of my Mom


I have thousands/millions of photos of my Mom … I’ll put together a photo collage … LATER. My siblings have opted to have Mom cremated … I thought that more recently … she had changed her mind?? I had wanted her to be buried here in the U.P. … in Republic, MI …. her birthplace & our family roots. Oh well, they have planned to have her Memorial Service next AUGUST … in New Mexico. I hope Jean has a better memory than mine … (it would be a miracle if I found the photos I took of the mile-marker near Dave’s Peak where we scattered Dad’s (David Mocine) ashes. as he had requested.