It doesn’t seem possible that  we are thru June … now into July We finally caught up on rain … it had been so dry that there weren’t any burning permits issued.

    I really went somewhere & did something  … 

 I went to Crystal  Falls to attend the outdoor music presentation at the  “Board-walk” along the Paint River at the foot of the hill.

   I enjoyed the musical “SOUTH PACIFIC” by the local theater group   at the Crystal theater. 

 The casting was so perfect, there were some outstanding singers … costumes & dancing were great. 

  Mimi & I saw the antique car show in Iron River at the fair grounds. 

 I had the wrong setting on my camera, so all those car pix were blurry.

Wow! … I am really out of shape …

had to go back to the car for my walking stick.  Thank Heavens I now have a handicap sticker so I got a really close parking place.