Go’n to town …  to the IGA, FAMILY DOLLAR, ETC.
Michigan pays 10 cents deposit refund … here’s one of the ever–present recycle machines.

Yooper ATM machine

Yooper ATM machine

     Maybe it is politically correct to encourage smaller cars … but, with five months of winter here … we NEED heavier, taller vehicles … maybe with four-wheel drive … if we need to get anywhere.  Hear’s the parking lot:



 See … I REALLY am a BLOGGER! 

Join me in my “Puddit” Campaign … when making a purchase … read the label … if it says other than “Made in America” …
PUDDIT BACK!  DON’T BUY IT!If it says “Made in China” …
PUDDIT BACK!  DON’T BUY IT!     The government does not have to make laws & trade regulations to try to save whatever is left of manufacturers in the USA!     AMERICAN FACTORIES CLOSING: IT IS THE FAULT OF THE USA CITIZENS WHO HAVE INCREASINGLY VOTED WITH THEIR WALLETS … ie … people have been buying foreign-made products, which often are cheaper.  These products are cheaper because of cheaper labor … AND … ALSO OFTEN DO NOT ADHERE TO THE SAME TESTING & STANDARDS AS AMERICAN PRODUCTS.
      WE MUST TAKE IT UPON OURSELVES TO BUY AMERICAN-MADE PRODUCTS … as much as possible.  It would be great if we would devise labels to make that easier!



Reading   My winter reading project is going thru the many books on history of the Upper Peninsula.  I’m still wading thru this:
Superior Heartland, a Backwoods History” .   It is Library of Congress number  89-90710, in case you want to obtain a copy thru your local library. The two volumes total  1559 pages!
     Mostly, this is an intricate compilation of short, individual pieces of history & biographies … in  chronological order. … starting in the 1800’s. 
There are many illustrations, including maps & old photos.  It is an absolute “Bible” of the history of Marquettee, MI & nearby.  You would be amazed; practically every important family of U.S. history  loved to come to this area, or were linked financially!  You MUST read this!
     I actually finished the 850 pages of Volume One … now, to tackle Volume Two!
Here is where some of his books are available online.


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