Last Saturday, it warmed up (into the 20’s) … which usually means that it will snow.  I needed to go to Iron River; my road wasn’t plowed.  This is what it looked like … thank Heavens for my 4-wheel drive!


     This was an all day event, so, I didn’t get to the Winterfest at the ski hill.  Thus, no pictures of the “card-board-sled” competition.
     There were many speakers, many comments, and many questions for the speakers.  The event was labeled: “MINING … PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE”.  
     The history of mining in the U.P. & our area was quite interesting.  As I expected, there were quite a few of the groups who have been opposed to the mining companies who want to start some new mining in the U.P. 
    Many comments were so negative, some not quite practical … which prompted me to make a comment.  I pointed out that part of the title of the presentation was the FUTURE of mining here.  I asked, politely, if there could be input from people on both sides so that we could all work towards encouraging mining.
   One side is opposed in varying degrees to any mining … the other side has the belief that we in the U.P. are dismayed that the economy up here is decaying & hope for the upturn than mining would bring.
  I drew from some comments warning about dealing with these mining companies … & suggested that we use these warnings & have the local township & county boards make stringent guidelines for mining in their areas.  I felt good that many people came up to me later … praising my comments.

    Where I went: there was a great turn-out at the presentation: Mining: Past, Present, & Future   at the West Iron county Library in Iron River Saturday, January 17 … despite several inches of fresh snow on all the roads, plus many important local sporting & community events.

     In the past, I had written many letters-to-the-Editor, raising the hope that mining could bring jobs & hope to the U.P.  I even have a YAHOO GROUP comment blog.  You can click on this link: upminingyes : 21st Century Mining In Da U.P.


     Back home … the deer are grateful for the corn that I give them … I wish I could afford to give them a bit more.  Here is my lame deer that I’ve been feeding for several years … & her family.  It’s so neat to have the deer come up to the house & peer intently at the window… waiting for me to come out with corn.  I put a little extra corn for “ELIZABETH” on the edge of the deck.


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