Ball Drop

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     We haven’t had any terrible storms … just some terrible weather.  It normally snows a bit every day, just to freshen up … but … this winter, it is often several inches at a time … just enough to have to plow again.  On the CLICK HERE: Marquette T.V. station, they announced that they are anticipating the 21st straight day of snow. This is a wonderful website; it’s a great source of U. P. information.

     We’ve had several days of “warm” (high 30’s) weather  … not the freezing rain/thawing predicted.  My family members in Wisconsin & Lower Michigan got that … & lots of thawing.    I made a trip to Crystal Falls for several errands … plus down to Alpha &+ was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could buy some deer-corn at the new General Store in Alpha at a reasonable price, plus save myself 20 miles of driving.
Click here: Village of Alpha, Michigan 

      For snow removal on the main street of Crystal Falls … the procedure is to first move the snow into a big windrow down the center of the street.  Then, in the next few days, when there is more time & available equipment … they scoop this snow from the middle of the street into dump trucks.
Reading    I did go to the Library … resuming my winter reading project of going thru the many books on history of the Upper Peninsula.