ON TELEPHONE TIME TODAY … there was a most heart-warming saga.  A lady called in to say that an elderly man needed some help in this cold weather.  He was running short of wood, and was running some electric heaters to keep the house warm.  She asked if someone had a heater to donate … or … some wood to give him. 
    I couldn’t get a hold of her right away; she said that she had so many calls.  ONE FELLOW WAS GOING TO DELIVER A FREE DUMP-TRUCK LOAD OF WOOD!  A town official helped with his frozen pipes & some people offered to fix his plumbing. …. & other winterization.
     So many people offered real help so this man could stay in his own home with dignity …  instead of causing trouble for him because his home (at his age) becoming unfit … or telling him to just give up & go to a nursing home.
    It just made me cry … thanking that woman for being such a wonderful Christian … & doing what she could to help.  I just praised her over & over again!
     THIS STORY WAS ESPECIALLY POIGNANT BECAUSE OF AN INCIDENT THAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WENT TO CRYSTAL FALLS RECENTLY.  The temp was around zero as I did some errands in town & headed north on the highway.  There wasn’t much traffic because of the cold.  There was an elderly fellow walking with his grocery bag … I stopped to pick him up … never dreaming that he lived another five miles up the highway.  I have no doubt that eventually someone else would have given him a ride.  He had hitched a ride into the grocery store with a fellow coming down from Houghton.  BUT … HE LIVES AT LEAST A MILE DOWN A GRAVEL ROAD IN OFF THE MAIN HIGHWAY; SO, MUST HAVE WALKED OUT TO THE HIGHWAY HEADED FOR TOWN. 
      So many older people don’t have transportation …. live alone … even if they live way out in the boonies.  Grocery stores are closing up here … lucky to be able to get something at a gas-station. 



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